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Male and female belted kingfisher

2021/05/02 – The belted kingfisher

This has to be one of the most difficult bird to take good pictures of. Well at least this has been my experience with them at Lake Hodges. Either there are not a lot of them or they hide really well. And then, they always fly as far away as possible from you as soon …

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grebe caught fish

2021/04/18 – Grebe swallowing fish

The whole action, according to the time stamps on the 101 pictures I took lasted only 54 seconds.I only posted 16 pics in this gallery, but it took this grebe 3 tries before succeeding in swallowing the fish.It was a fascinating moment seeing him trying so hard to eat it, even though it seemed too …

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red-eared slider turtle

2021/04/03 – Turtle in trouble

This series was taken at the end of last year. I was walking along the shore of lake Hodges, and I spotted this turtle in the water. As you will see on the pictures in this gallery, it was leaning to one side, and there was mud on its carapace. This was a rather strange …

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Osprey in flight

2021/03/28 – Raptors in flight

Today we have 4 raptors caught in the air. I have often tried with mixed success to catch birds in flight. Either they have been too far, or too blurry, or a problem with exposure because the sun was in the wrong angle… you name a possible photographic issue, I am pretty confident that I …

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barn owl caught a mouse

2021/02/13 – Barn owl eating a mouse

Yes, folks, this was quite a surprise for me. The very evening I released my post about barn owls, last weekend, as I stepped outside to go for my usual after-dinner walk, I went across the street to take a test picture and I saw that there was an owl on the dead tree. I …

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barn owl

2021/02/07 – Barn owls

Today’s bird is the common barn owl.Since it is an owl, it is rare to see it during daylight. Although I don’t like flash lighting, I tried only using a flashlight but all my pictures were too grainy. So, I relented and learned how to use a flash so as to get decent quality pictures …

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araneus diadematus spiders mating

2021/01/31 – Spiders mating

Up until September last year, I had never seen spiders mating. I know that a lot of people don’t like spiders, and I must admit, they are not the most friendly looking creature in the world. But that doesn’t prevent me from finding them fascinating. Just their ability to build a large and sturdy web, …

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osprey eating fish on a branch

2021/01/24 – Dinner time for this osprey

I apologize for the delay folks. I usually post during the weekend but, this time, I got stuck on a technical issue which I really had to fix for this particular post. Enjoy! A couple of weeks ago I showed you pictures of an osprey on a branch. Last weekend I was lucky enough to …

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