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opossums in my backyard

2021/01/16 – Opossums in my backyard

I spent I don’t know how many hours poring over the thousands of pictures in my hard drive to find these. It happened on March 30, 2016, at my old house. These 3 opossums suddenly appeared in my backyard in broad daylight, they frolicked, and ran around, sometimes after each other, exploring, smelling this and …

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Vomiting osprey series 1 of 10

2021/01/10 – The osprey

This series of pictures was taken just last Wednesday. I had gone hiking in the morning around lake Hodges, and on the trail, met an older gentleman with a serious camera and lens, so it was inevitable that we talk. He asked me if I saw anything interesting. So I mentioned the belted kingfisher I …

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praying mantis

2020/11/28 – Praying Mantis

Today we have a couple of praying mantises which I photographed back in September. It is interesting because, they have very different colors, one is tan/orange, the other green, and yet, both look like leaves. The praying mantis is one of the most fascinating insects. There are many reasons for that. It is the only …

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Diamondback rattlesnake

2020/11/14 – A Rattlesnake Family

Today we are going back to visit our rattling friends. It was a while ago that if you will recall in this post, I showed you a hole where I found 2 rattlesnakes, the smaller one was sitting inside the hole, and the big one, outside hidden under a dried out bush.Since then, as I …

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