As the site name indicates, the purpose of this blog is to show how amazing the wildlife that surrounds us can be. Most of the time I will be using my photography and writing based on my observations and information gathered at other websites to accomplish this.

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great egret

2021/07/11 – Egrets and carps

I have seen a lot of things at Lake Hodges, but last month was marked by a strange event. Well, it might not be so strange for people who know the wildlife better than I do. But I have never seen it and was quite surprised by what I saw. Originally, I thought of going straight to that matter in the photos gallery.  But then I also was able to get quite close to a… Read more


2021/06/19 – 2 creatures of the night

Today we have only 4 pictures of 2 animals but they have some common features: they were both photographed at night right on my street. And, although the encounters didn’t happen on the same night, they were only one week apart. First we have a bobcat. This beautiful feline climbed up the dead tree in front of my house, just as I was taking a picture to test my flash. When I took this first… Read more

wood stork, white egrets, snowy egrets

2021/06/13 – Rare sight at Lake Hodges: the wood stork

Today our feature pic is a group of birds. Due to the poor angle of the light and the distance (800mm lens), it is not a very good picture. But what surprised me greatly while I was taking it,  was the odd large bird you see in the middle. I had never seen its kind. I researched and found out it was a wood stork. The wikipedia map shows there is only a small area… Read more

northern harrier

2021/06/06 – Majestic takeoff of a northern harrier

I took these pictures 2 weeks ago, the very same day I saw the killdeer chicks. On the trail that day, I met my friend Bill, a retired meteorologist, who told me: “did you see the northern harrier?”I hadn’t, so he pointed it out to me, as we were not far from the branches where she was perched. Thank you very much Bill, that was a great tip.Then, I watched and took a lot of… Read more

Johnson jumping spider

2021/06/01 – Johnson jumping spider

Today we have a petite Johnson jumping spider, scientific named “Phidippus johnsoni“, this spider is also known as “red-backed jumping spider”. The reason for the alternate name is obvious in the specimen I caught in my camera in September of last year. I have been wanting to show you this little creature for a long time, but there seem to always be some other creatures or reports which seemed more important at the time. So… Read more