As the site name indicates, the purpose of this blog is to show how amazing the wildlife that surrounds us can be. Most of the time I will be using my photography to accomplish this.
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Enjoy the show!



Male and female belted kingfisher

2021/05/02 – The belted kingfisher

This has to be one of the most difficult bird to take good pictures of. Well at least this has been my experience with them at Lake Hodges. Either there are not a lot of them or they hide really well. And then, they always fly as far away as possible from you as soon as they notice you, even though you are very far away. So, all the pics in this series have been… Read more

grebe caught fish

2021/04/18 – Grebe swallowing fish

The whole action, according to the time stamps on the 101 pictures I took lasted only 54 seconds.I only posted 16 pics in this gallery, but it took this grebe 3 tries before succeeding in swallowing the fish.It was a fascinating moment seeing him trying so hard to eat it, even though it seemed too big. But you know the saying: “if you failed, try, and try again…”Grebes are very common. There are seven types… Read more

red-eared slider turtle

2021/04/03 – Turtle in trouble

This series was taken at the end of last year. I was walking along the shore of lake Hodges, and I spotted this turtle in the water. As you will see on the pictures in this gallery, it was leaning to one side, and there was mud on its carapace. This was a rather strange sight, and it remains a mystery to this day. I couldn’t do anything for that turtle because it was too… Read more

Osprey in flight

2021/03/28 – Raptors in flight

Today we have 4 raptors caught in the air. I have often tried with mixed success to catch birds in flight. Either they have been too far, or too blurry, or a problem with exposure because the sun was in the wrong angle… you name a possible photographic issue, I am pretty confident that I will have an example in my collection. Fortunately, once in a while, I get that golden shot which makes me… Read more

Allen's hummingbird

2021/03/20 – Allen’s hummingbird and California scrub jay

It’s been a while since my last post. Well, just a month to be more accurate, and, I want to thank the people who have been wondering what happened. I will only say that some other obligations of life took precedence, and then, I needed a break too. I have a lot of other interests in my life. In particular I just started reading a trilogy which exceeds 1600 pages. One can imagine that takes… Read more

great horned owl

2021/02/20 – 4 portraits of a great horned owl

Today we have 4 portraits of a great horned owl. Unfortunately it will also be the last time I post pictures of owls taken at night with a flash. I recently met with a professional photographer who made me aware of the unethical aspect of that technique when it comes to owls. Her admonition led me to research this issue, and I found a lot of articles. The lowdown is that there is definitely a… Read more