As the site name indicates, the purpose of this blog is to show how amazing the wildlife that surrounds us can be. Most of the time I will be using my photography and writing based on my observations and information gathered at other websites to accomplish this.

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Female blue dasher dragonfly

2021/12/05 – Spotlight on the dragonflies

These insects have fascinated me for a long time, but somehow I never seem to find a way to include them in a post. Well, no more. Today I am putting the spotlight on a few of the pretty dragonflies I have encountered over the whole last year. I have added the type of dragonfly in the caption for each picture. In French we call this insect “libellule”, prounounced [AUDIO]. Curiously enough, I just discovered… Read more


2021/10/30 – This California kingsnake was just too hungry

During one of my recent hikes in the jungle next to lake Hodges, I chanced upon a California kingsnake who was about to eat a mouse it had just killed. Afraid of me, it slithered away. I looked at its prey, took a few pictures, and then thought: I wonder if it will come back to get its food. After all, it might be hungry enough to take the risk. So, I backed away and… Read more

Vanessa cardui

2021/10/10 – Desert trip with Rowshan – Part 2 of 2

All the pics in part 2 of our desert trip were taken the next day. Night in the desert is not as quiet as you might think. I often woke up hearing scratching noises, which I can imagine were probably little rodents such as the kangaroo mouse, which we saw many times crossing the road at night right in front of our car. We first went back to hike at the location where we saw… Read more

zebra-tailed lizard

2021/10/01 – Desert trip with Rowshan – Part 1 of 2

A few weeks ago I went with my friend Rowshan to the desert. Here is a little panoramic view of the spot where we put down our tents. Rowshan, who is also a wildlife photographer, spends much more time than I do exploring all kind of places. So, I was very happy to get his invitation to join him on this desert trip. We drove to the Anza-Borrego desert and hiked in a few spots… Read more

turkey vulture

2021/09/15 – Focus on the turkey vulture

A couple of months ago, during a hike near Julian (CA) I saw a committee. I was quite amused when I learned this meaning of the word “committee”, which, in this context, means a group of vultures sitting together. If they are eating, then, it is a wake, and if flying together, then it becomes a kettle. Someone must have had a lot of fun inventing these meanings and making things more complicated for everybody… Read more