As the site name indicates, the purpose of this blog is to show how amazing the wildlife that surrounds us can be. Most of the time I will be using my photography to accomplish this.
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great horned owl

2021/02/20 – 4 portraits of a great horned owl

Today we have 4 portraits of a great horned owl. Unfortunately it will also be the last time I post pictures of owls taken at night with a flash. I recently met with a professional photographer who made me aware of the unethical aspect of that technique when it comes to owls. Her admonition led me to research this issue, and I found a lot of articles. The lowdown is that there is definitely a… Read more

barn owl caught a mouse

2021/02/13 – Barn owl eating a mouse

Yes, folks, this was quite a surprise for me. The very evening I released my post about barn owls, last weekend, as I stepped outside to go for my usual after-dinner walk, I went across the street to take a test picture and I saw that there was an owl on the dead tree. I aimed my flashlight and discovered… well you can see for yourself.WARNING: some of these pictures are a bit gruesome. So,… Read more

barn owl

2021/02/07 – Barn owls

Today’s bird is the common barn owl.Since it is an owl, it is rare to see it during daylight. Although I don’t like flash lighting, I tried only using a flashlight but all my pictures were too grainy. So, I relented and learned how to use a flash so as to get decent quality pictures of this most interesting bird (I know I know, you probably will say: Hah! Serge thinks all birds are interesting,… Read more

araneus diadematus spiders mating

2021/01/31 – Spiders mating

Up until September last year, I had never seen spiders mating. I know that a lot of people don’t like spiders, and I must admit, they are not the most friendly looking creature in the world. But that doesn’t prevent me from finding them fascinating. Just their ability to build a large and sturdy web, completely by instinct, is already quite amazing. Anyway, here is today’s gallery, which shows you most of the event of… Read more

osprey eating fish on a branch

2021/01/24 – Dinner time for this osprey

I apologize for the delay folks. I usually post during the weekend but, this time, I got stuck on a technical issue which I really had to fix for this particular post. Enjoy!A couple of weeks ago I showed you pictures of an osprey on a branch. Last weekend I was lucky enough to see an osprey flying off the lake with a fish in its claws. He was far away, and I tried to… Read more