Mallard female duck and ducklings
Mallard female duck and ducklings

2021/05/09 – Mother’s day special – Duck mom and ducklings

Today is Mother’s Day, and last week I read this excellent article on the subject:

In her article, Margaret Renkl, who often writes about our connection with nature in The New York Times, starts by highlighting some dark aspects of that particular holiday. Something which most people, myself included, don’t think about. And then, she goes on to explore human mother’s relationship with nature with examples such as: “Who could resist the lioness purring as she licks her cub’s belly, or a fox carrying her kit to safety by the scruff of its neck, or a giant-taloned hawk carefully nudging her curious eyas back beneath the safety of her breast?

And she follows with what I consider the best part: “I’m especially fond of the nurturing animals that we don’t associate with nurturing at all: the wolf spider carrying her tiny spiderlings on her back, the alligator tenderly carrying her baby in her mouth, the timber rattlesnake protectively encircling her hatchlings, the broad-headed skink silently guarding her eggs in the dark.”

Indeed I thought, I am particularly amazed and fascinated by this kind of creature. So I really appreciated that comment.
However, unfortunately (and perhaps fortunately for most people hahah), I haven’t been able to get any pictures of such mothers with their babies. However, I recently caught a few good shots of a mother mallard duck and her adorable little ducklings. I hope you will like them as much as I did while taking these pictures.


    • Sansay says:

      Thank you Michael. Yes, indeed, she is a very good mom. She was watching me carefully to make sure I was no threat, all the while showing the kids what to do.

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