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red-tail hawk and mockingbird

2020/11/08 – Hawk action

In today’s photo gallery, I show you a sequence of events which I witnessed and which involved 3 animals. There is no good guy, bad guy, and the like in this story. It is the cold, no nonsense, survival scheme of nature: to eat or be eaten. As you will see in the first pic, …

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araneus diadematus in the center of its web

2020/10/31 – Halloween Special

That’s right folks, today is Halloween, and though I disapprove of the door-to-door candy begging, I very much like the dark side of that holiday. I find all the ugly, weird, and frightening characters that represent this particular night very fascinating and amusing. And so, it is with great satisfaction that I have gathered some …

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greater roadrunner

2020/10/17 – Beep Beep!! The Real Roadrunner

For this week’s post, I have only one bird. Yes, all the pics in the gallery today are just this one bird. It is the real roadrunner. There are 2 kinds of roadrunners, the greater roadrunner and the lesser roadrunner. The bird in this week’s gallery is the greater roadrunner.I can only presume that this …

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2020/10/10 – The Night of the Raccoon

I am not sure what people do when they view my posts. Do they look at the pictures first and then read the text, or, they read the text and go to the pictures to see what I am talking about? Then again, sometimes I get the feeling that people think I write too much… …

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long-tailed blue butterfly

2020/10/04 – Long-tailed Blue?

Many of our wildlife creatures today gave me a lot of trouble when it came to identification.I spent hours looking all over the web. Normally I try a Google image search. This time, for the first butterfly in this series, it suggested a search for “short-tailed blue” Unfortunately, this type of butterfly looks too different, …

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Black-crowned night heron

2020/09/19 – Black-crowned Night Heron

Today we have a couple of birds. The first one is a black-crowned Night-Heron, which, after reading about this bird, I realize I was very lucky to catch it. It is usually a nocturnal bird, and although one might see it at dusk, this was way too early. In fact I had never seen one …

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Turkey vulture

2020/09/12 – Turkey vulture etc.

Hello everybody,I hope the heat has not been getting you down too much. And the virus, and the fires, and what’s next??Oh well, so far so good, none of that stopped me from going out to my hiking grounds and take pictures.So without further ado, here is the next set. Our first picture today is …

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Tarantula captured in garage

2020/08/26 – I will be back!

I got quite a surprise last week, when I came back from hiking. I parked my car in the garage, got my photographic gear out of the trunk, walk around my wife’s car since there is more space than between our cars. And there it was, right in the middle of the path: our “Unusual …

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