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barn owl

2021/02/07 – Barn owls

Today’s bird is the common barn owl.Since it is an owl, it is rare to see it during daylight. Although I don’t like flash lighting, I tried only using a flashlight but all my pictures were too grainy. So, I relented and learned how to use a flash so as to get decent quality pictures …

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araneus diadematus spiders mating

2021/01/31 – Spiders mating

Up until September last year, I had never seen spiders mating. I know that a lot of people don’t like spiders, and I must admit, they are not the most friendly looking creature in the world. But that doesn’t prevent me from finding them fascinating. Just their ability to build a large and sturdy web, …

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osprey eating fish on a branch

2021/01/24 – Dinner time for this osprey

I apologize for the delay folks. I usually post during the weekend but, this time, I got stuck on a technical issue which I really had to fix for this particular post. Enjoy! A couple of weeks ago I showed you pictures of an osprey on a branch. Last weekend I was lucky enough to …

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opossums in my backyard

2021/01/16 – Opossums in my backyard

I spent I don’t know how many hours poring over the thousands of pictures in my hard drive to find these. It happened on March 30, 2016, at my old house. These 3 opossums suddenly appeared in my backyard in broad daylight, they frolicked, and ran around, sometimes after each other, exploring, smelling this and …

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Vomiting osprey series 1 of 10

2021/01/10 – The osprey

This series of pictures was taken just last Wednesday. I had gone hiking in the morning around lake Hodges, and on the trail, met an older gentleman with a serious camera and lens, so it was inevitable that we talk. He asked me if I saw anything interesting. So I mentioned the belted kingfisher I …

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