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praying mantis

2020/11/28 – Praying Mantis

Today we have a couple of praying mantises which I photographed back in September. It is interesting because, they have very different colors, one is tan/orange, the other green, and yet, both look like leaves. The praying mantis is one of the most fascinating insects. There are many reasons for that. It is the only …

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Diamondback rattlesnake

2020/11/14 – A Rattlesnake Family

Today we are going back to visit our rattling friends. It was a while ago that if you will recall in this post, I showed you a hole where I found 2 rattlesnakes, the smaller one was sitting inside the hole, and the big one, outside hidden under a dried out bush.Since then, as I …

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red-tail hawk and mockingbird

2020/11/08 – Hawk action

In today’s photo gallery, I show you a sequence of events which I witnessed and which involved 3 animals. There is no good guy, bad guy, and the like in this story. It is the cold, no nonsense, survival scheme of nature: to eat or be eaten. As you will see in the first pic, …

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araneus diadematus in the center of its web

2020/10/31 – Halloween Special

That’s right folks, today is Halloween, and though I disapprove of the door-to-door candy begging, I very much like the dark side of that holiday. I find all the ugly, weird, and frightening characters that represent this particular night very fascinating and amusing. And so, it is with great satisfaction that I have gathered some …

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