Facebook Post, July 4th, 2020

My latest reptile encounter: a beautiful California Kingsnake. Unfortunately he was very shy and slithered away so fast I got too little time to get better photos.
The bees pictures were taken just in my yard using my macro lens. They were so busy collecting pollen they didn’t care about me hovering close by.
I came upon this hummingbird who was sitting on a dead branch upon arriving at the top of a hill while hiking. He seemed too busy to worry about me and kept preening. But he did keep an eye on me all the same. I could tell he would fly away at the smallest clue. So, these pics were taken from far away and had to be magnified, and therefore, lack a bit in detail. But I think humming birds are just too cute to pass. I hope you do too.

Enjoy and Happy 4th of July!

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