Tarantula captured in garage
The tarantula captured with a salad spinner

2020/08/26 – I will be back!

I got quite a surprise last week, when I came back from hiking. I parked my car in the garage, got my photographic gear out of the trunk, walk around my wife’s car since there is more space than between our cars. And there it was, right in the middle of the path: our “Unusual Visitor” from last post. Our tarantula was back. Except that this time it was in our garage. For a moment I imagined it crawling inside the house… OK that’s it, I said, we have to get it far far away from home!
So, I captured it with a salad spinner. I was shocked by the speed of its reaction when I put the spinner container down. It ran frantically and crashed against the wall of the container, ran around like a maniac, and after a few second completely stopped moving. As you will see in one of the pictures, it tried to climb up the wall of the container. So I took a picture, thinking “this is as close as I will ever want to be to a tarantula.
We took it to the end of the street, where there is a wild expanse, and released it. You can see it all in the photos and the video below.
We haven’t seen it since, but I am keeping an eye out just in case, it started to like our house too much and think of us as his little human pets.


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