tarantula visit home san diego california

2020/08/22 – A Most Unusual Visitor

Last Saturday, as we were coming back from our after-dinner walk, this is what we saw at the corner of our garage door.

I was shocked as I immediately guessed what it was: a huge spider. And I have lived in San Diego long enough to know that it’s probably a tarantula. I don’t know how it got to our house. In the 30+ years I lived in San Diego, the only other time I ever saw a tarantula was when I was hiking in a canyon near my ex’s house, more than 20 years ago. Naturally, my first reaction was: let’s take a few pictures!

Then, we decided that we wanted it to go away from the garage door. So I got a stick and gently poked its hind legs. That got it moving, and I shot this video.


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