Hummingbird sitting on his nest, presumably brooding
Hummingbird sitting on his nest, presumably brooding.

2020/07/29 – The Hummingbird Nest

One day as I was following the flight of a hummingbird, I saw it landing on his nest. I took a bunch of pictures. Then I came back a couple of days later, she was still brooding. A week later I found the chicks were born and I couldn’t believe my luck to have spotted that nest, and be able to take these pictures.
But the happiness wasn’t to last. 3 days later as I went to check on them, I discovered the scene in the last picture of this series. The nest was gone, with only a few threads still attached to the branch. I immediately imagined a predator attack. I searched under the tree to see if I could find remnants of the nest but there was nothing.


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